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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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"nbc10 news" starts now. >> new at 11:00, two scares in if the air. a small plane goes down in the lehigh valley and a jet makes an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport. >> we begin with philadelphia's transformation as it prepares for pope francis. >> i'm jack cag lynn london. >> tonight the pope is hours away from arriving in the united states. even though he doesn't arrive in philadelphia till this weekend, tomorrow is still a big day in the city. the world meeting of families officially begins and so does a new round of towing >> tonight live team coverage. lauren meg.
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drivers are still getting caught by surprise. >> good evening. surprised not that just their car is towed but where it's ending up. we're in fairmont park. we found a row of cars with tickets. a ticket here, come over here. this car, this has a ticket, as well. these cars all brought in from center city and dropped off right here. >> the flashing lights are from a row of tow trucks ready to clear this street. moving out vehicles that aren't supposed to be here. this one at the corner of pennsylvania and fairmount hauled off of leaving an empty space where the owner left it. where is it going? >> that's my car. >> we found kiersten mcguire searching for her car in fairmont park. >> i didn't know where it was because i thought it was a parking lot. i've been walking down kelly drive and up all the hills. >> reporter: she's a stagehand working on the pope's staging.
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>> pretty with the ticket for parking to go to work and there was no signs indicating i couldn't park there. >> reporter: the most frustrating part, finding her car. >> i had no idea what to think. there was no indication even on the signs they posted they didn't say your car's towed, call this number. >> reporter: there are numbers. one has a long recording about snow emergencies at the beginning that can be confusing. >> the city of philadelphia snow emergency hot line. >> reporter: eventually we got to a real person. >> what's your strategy? >> to check my car as often as possible. >> alicia bought a $20 placard to be able to keep her car on the streets longer, but she's still a little nervous. >> do you feel pretty confident that you're not going to be towed? >> no. >> reporter: no parking signs are already up in her neighborhood and around center city. on tuesday, towing starts from 12th to third in the blue area. tonight we watched a stream of cars roll in or rather pulled in
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to new spots drivers like kiersten will have to find. so the tow trucks just pulled out of here. i just got the numbers for today, how many cars were towed in philadelphia. 78 today. 78 drivers looking for their cars and probably not too happy tonight. here's what you need to know for tomorrow. that new area starting at 6:00 tomorrow is east of 12th all the way to third. that's where you need to be careful parking or you could end up here. live in fairmount park, nbc 20 news, i'm lauren mayk. >> tomorrow the pope heads to washington, d.c. the president will greet him as he arrives on american soil for the first time. rosemary conners and matt will be in the nation's capital as the pontiff begins his u.s. visit. >> details on a security threat just ahead of the pope's visit to philly. nbc news obtained a copy of a memo sent to law enforcement in pennsylvania. although not specific to the papal visit, it warns about terrorists impersonating first
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responders. radnor township's superintendent says police will keep a close eye to spot anyone in a fake uniform. >> officers in today's era are trained not to just look at a uniform or a badge and be fooled and think that person is a bona fide law enforcement agent because that's not true. >> today's memo pointed to an incident from last year. police say if you suspect someone is impersonating a cop, firefighter or emt, call your police department. tonight we're seeing bigger changes as philadelphia heads into lockdown. >> randy gyllenhaal is live in wynnewood cleese to where the pope will be staying. it's eseasy to see transformations it taking place all over the area. >> reporter: the pope doesn't get here till saturday. he's going to be staying at the seminary just down the street. already thousands of visitors have arrived in philadelphia and all being greeted by a city
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undergoing rapid change. >> fresh off the long overseas flight the papal pilgrims gather in the baggage claim of terminal a. >> we're superexcited. it's a blessing for us to have the pope in the city. >> reporter: they've come from every corner of the planet. maya hails from peru, excited to see the first south american born pope. >> being able to understand completely what he's saying, it's really, really amazing. its an a blessing. >> reporter: to help them navigate a new city with extremely tight security, papal volunteers are here to greet them with a smile. >> we've had people from mexico, peru, tasmania. >> we can direct them to help them figure it out. >> reporter: as they taxi from the airport, they'll see the highway signs lit up with warnings about road closures. once they get to center city, they'll be confronted with a maze of security and construction. fences now line the parkway. giant jum bro trons are up at
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city hall, plus port a potties for as far as the eye can see. >> a lot of police presence. >> fathers john mcginley and niklas monahan just arrived from scotland. they're hoping the tight security is so they can enjoy the week. >> looking to sharing with everybody from all over the world. >> reporter: the city's transformation extends up here to route 1. much of this area will be shut down because the hope is staying at the seminary here. residents on the philadelphia line are being warned that traffic could be a nightmare. live on city avenue, randy gyllenhaal it, "nbc10 news." right now, pope francis is in cuba. he started in the city where he celebrated mass and gave a special blessing. here you can see the pope play praying at the shrine to the virgin of charity. he ended his day in santiago de cuba where he met with local
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bishops. >> philadelphia students will get a third day off for the visit. >> the superintendent announced classes will be canceled next monday, september 28th. tomorrow is they cancally the last date school students have this week. they're off wednesday for yom kippur and thursday and friday for the papal g'?visit. the school district says students will make up for next monday's day off march 21st. a chance to meet the pope for this former local catholic school educator who says she was fired for her same-sex marriage. margie winters has been invited the pope to the white house. she's scheduled to take part in a welcoming ceremony on south lawn wednesday. she was the director of religious education atwal dron mercy academy in lower merion prior to being let go. the white house invitation came through the human rights campaign. tap the nbc10 app for everything you need to know about the papal visit. you'll find it the full itinerary and parking restrictions, road closures and mass transit changes and also
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find a list of what you're not allowed to bring to the parkway when the pope comes to town. new at 11:00, two scares in the air. a small plane crashed in the lehigh valley minutes after a bird strike leads to an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport. let's begin with the emergency landing. the american airlines plane was traveling from charlotte, north carolina to hartford, connecticut, when a bird hit the windshield. we were over the airport as the plane landed safely around 6:30 this evening. no one was hurt. the passengers were put on a new plane to continue to their destinati destination. there have been more than 407b bird strikeses as the philadelphia international airport this year. now to berks county where one person was injured after a small plane crash landed in a field today in the valley borough. at least one person was taken to the hospital. they have not revealed his or her condition. no word why the plane went down.
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heart break in south philadelphia. >> i an toddler is dead tonight after running into the street in front of a paratransit van. the child was just 2 years old and tonight, police are calling his death an accident. >> family members say that 2-year-old mahamadou sylla and his older sister were visiting relatives at 21st and moore. the pair was playing outside while relatives were parking a car when the boy suddenly walked on to busy 21st street. he was hit by this septa transit van just after 5:00 tonight. skyforce10 was over the scene after it happened. >> very quick. no one knew he was running in the street. >> police say the 68-year-old van driver stopped right away. witnesses called police who were nearby and officers rushed the boy to concern's hospital of philadelphia with massive head trauma. he was pronounced dead a short >> it's a tragedy. but it appears from witness
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accounts as well as viewing the video that there's no wrongdoing here. this is just a tragic auto accident. >> reporter: the boy's uncle said his parents, immigrants from west africa are devastateded. >> everybody feel terrible and crying, you know. feel terrible. >>. >> reporter: shaken neighbors told nbc10 they often saw the brother and sister with loving family members who seemed to always keep a watchful eye on the pair. >> if they were children by themselves or something like that, i could understand that something like that, but these children were kept close all the time. >> reporter: police say the van driver did not appear to be impaired and tonight, no charges are expected. tonight, opponents are pushing for impeachment proceedings against pennsylvania's attorney general after the state supreme court suspended her law license. this comes less than a month after kathleen king was charged with leaking secret grand jury information. today's issuing spells out in writing she can stay in office.
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this is the spokesperson for kane. >> she can't make legal decision buzz she can hook continue making administrative decisions. >> you've heard the phrase death by a thousand cuts. this came to the point of absurdity. >> the state constitution allows the attorney general to be a licensed lawyer. now it's up top kane's office to decide which duties she can perform. kane released a statement saying she is disappointed by the action and maintains her innocence. >> turning to weather now and some showers on nbc10 first alert radar on a night where it's feeling like fall out there. >> it is. let's go to nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena. >> i think the rain is definitely going to be gone in the morning. temperatures will be cool again. if you thought this morning was cool, yesterday morning will be cool, as well. not everybody is seeing rain. light rain through central bucks county. moderate rain near buckingham and central montgomery county,
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lancaster county seeing a little bit heavier rain. for tomorrow morning, we'll keep the clouds in the forecast. your bus stop forecast around 7:00, mid 50s areas north and west, around 60 degrees for philadelphia and the suburbs by 2:00 in the afternoon though in about the mid to low 70s. a midweek warmup coming up in the forecast. i'll show you those numbers and also the weekend weather for the papal visit straight ahead. new tonight, an accused peeping tom arrested allegedly filming a woman dressing in a local old navy. how the victim followed him snapping pictures of her own. >> the controversial move to make english pennsylvania's official language. how this ruling would impact non-english speaking groups.
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the. the national constitution center played host to a religious town hall this evening. the two-part discussion is the leadup to the 2015 world meeting of families. tonight's program was presented
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in conjunction with the constitution center's newest exhibit entitled "religious liberty and the founding of america," it runs through january 3rd. >> decision 2016 and the list of republican presidential contenders is now down to 15 names. scott walker announced he's bowing out of the race today. he started out as a front runner iowa but his campaign donations dried up after poor performances in two debates. walker is the second gop candidate to exit the race joining texas governor rick perry and he called on other gop contenders falling behind to follow his lead. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same. so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> the latest cnn poll shows dawn timmeney with a nine-point lead ahead of a surging carly
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fiorina. dr. ben carson is facing calls to drop out of the race in part because of comments he made on nbc's "meet the press" sunday when he said a muslim should not be president. despite the criticism, carson is standing by his remarks. >> i don't care what a person's religious background is if in fact they believe in our constitution and our american values, i would support them. >> a june gallop poll found 38% of americans surveyed said they would not support a muslim candidate for president. 60% said they would. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was in in louisiana today. she took issue with that state's governor bobby jindal for not expanding medicaid under the affordable care act and said the gop contenders at the debate failed to address issues important to the middle class. >> new at 11:00, a man accused of secretly recording a woman as she changed in an old navy fitting room.
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codey goldberg is charged with invasion of privacy. police say he spied on the victim as she changed at the store on nixon drive. the woman saw him, told store workers and then followed him taking picture toofz goldberg and his truck. a man will not face charges for shooting a bank robber. the district attorney made it the announcement today. police say george forging shot the alleged thief in july after he tried to of steal cash. the robbery suspect survived. english could soon pennsylvania's official state language if some lawmakers have their way. today the house state government committee heard from supporters of that proposal. it would largely ban government agencies from spending money to promote other languages. they would also require all official acts of government to be recorded in english. opponents argue this could send a hostile it message to residents who don't speak english. a special light show for the pope's visit. the giant projection screen at
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the basilica on the parkway lit up tonight. the video projection will run from dusk till 12:30 in the morning now till sunday when the pope leaves. >> the historiclitz building showing off major lighting improvements, part of a 10d million public improvements being made to the building. the project is part of a continued transformation of market east. now your nbc10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a cool start to the week. some fall-like temperatures. that's going to continue so the fall chill will be around tomorrow morning when you walk outside. even through the afternoon. temperatures still a little bit below normal for this time of year. then we have a warmup by the middle of the week. temperatures get back closer to 80 degrees. and, of course, the weekend weather for the papal visit, we're keeping a very close eye on it. we could be tweaking it. as of now, it still looks on the
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cool side. 61 right now is the temperature. reading down to 65 in philadelphia. 64 dover and millville. by tomorrow morning, it will be a morning cool enough to where i think you could still have the light jacket if you needed one this morning. philadelphia area by 8:00 a.m., 63 degrees. mid 60s by 10:00 a.m., closer to 70 by noon. in the poconos, low 50s around 8:00 a.m. 57 by 10:00 a.m. noon 60 degrees. if you're along the shore by noon, closer to 70 degrees. everyone wakes up with cool temperatures. we still have a few showers on radar mainly north and west of philadelphia. mostly central bucks county near buckingham, these will be moving out. more on the moderate side where you see the yellow and in through parts of montgomery county near 476 along hatfield. chester county very light rain. lancaster county, more moderate rain. a lot of heavier stuff has been
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lightning up trying to move in. we could have a few more showers tonight. tomorrow we'll see the clouds around. this area of high pressure still gives us the northeast wind. it's going to keep us cool overnight and through the afternoon tomorrow. future weather tuesday 2:00 p.m., clouds still hanging around. temperatures about the mid to low 70s through the afternoon. wednesday we see more clouds. we start to warm. a bit or more sunny should say. thursday we could have more clouds and we'll be watching rain farther to our south. for the overnight lows tonight, areas north and west should be in about the low 50s. 53 for quakertown. 57 for doylestown. 59 degree philadelphia. upper 50s for when is ter, even dover. 62 along the shore in cape may. we're going to keep the clouds overnight tonight, too. mostly cloudy tomorrow. a cool day through the afternoon. 72 through 75 degrees. we keep koog mornings in the forecast. wednesday is the official start to fall. it will feel like fall.
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a lit of a warmup compared to today. upper 70s. going into the weekend, so far dry. we'll keep you updated on that throughout the week. it looks to be cool. >>, ta. i'm john clark. does byron maxwell he believe he got pete beat for a touch down partly because of how long the defense was on the field yesterday? and the eagles could be missing three defensive players when they face the jets on sunday. that is next.
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>> i'm john clark. the eagles are dealing with injuries coming out of that loss to the cowboys. reports say cedric thornton broke a bone in his hand.
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and it looks like he's going to miss a few weeks. birds lost kiko alonzo and michael kendricks yesterday. kiko had an mri on his left knee today. hopefully his knee is just strained. kendricks has a mild hamstring strain. he may try to play sunday at the jets. chip kelly and the eagles were stunned by the cowboys. look at chip. chip is usually pretty bold and confident. he was subdued at his press conference today. for the first time, chip is hearing a lot of criticism. this is the first time he has used this word. >> i was embarrassed. i don't know how the players feel. that's not the way we're supposed to play football. that's not what we're all about. we didn't play well yesterday. i was embarrassed how we played yesterday. >> the eagles will have to face the jets this coming sunday. look out. the jets are beating the colts right now. what is the score? 17-7 in the fourth quarter.
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the jets have given up a total of 17 points in their first two games and forced ten turnovers. look out out eagles offensive line. new quarterback byron maxwell got beat for another touchdown yesterday. he's given up 240 receiving yards in his first two games, the most in the nfl this season. the bird's defense was on the field over 40 minutes in the loss. byron talked about that when he explained what happened on that touchdown. >> he got inside of me. i mean, he got inside of me. i couldn't really -- human beings. go inside as the game goes on and on. that's how it goes. >> not good to say you got tired. the flyers split squad games against the islanders. one group lost at brooklyn to the isle. dave hextall making his coaching debut at ppl center in hal len town. he said this guy played with
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some jam tonight. travis coneck knee, good game. flyers led 2-1. tied at three. claude jury ru a slap shot reflected by del zot toe. flyers beat the islanders 90="ñ. take a look at the game after the week thursday. there are the teams. logon to nbc10, cast your vote. i'm john clark. we're right back. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is up next. >> let's see what's in store. >> thank you, jim and jacqueline. you know jacqueline, right? from philly. >> yes. >> ryan reynolds is here for slap check. plus republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. music from shawn mendez. >> ryan reynolds on the cover of gq too. >> everybody knows jacqueline.
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every single guest knows jacqueline. >> jimmy knows you from the commercials. what's that's who jimmy knows. >> what about the morning? >> cool. if you need a jacket, i don't blame you. >> okay. >> thanks for watching. have a great night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ryan reynolds, republican presidential candidate, carly fiorina, musical guest, shawn m


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